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mOxi stands for...more oxygen

mOxi is an organic antiviral and antibacterial solution
that kills pathogens by oxidation

mOxi is hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)
one more oxygen atom added to water (H2O)

Getting the most out of mOxi
organic multi-purpose spray
the many uses of mOxi
mOxi spray is perfect for disinfecting toothbrushes to whitening teeth, first aid to cleansing surfaces, cutting boards, metals, glass, laundry, garden, as well as cleaning fruit, veg, meat and more. We have curated an easy-to-use set of atomising spray bottles, designed with a contemporary look that sits nicely in every room. Plus it fizzes...especially when it finds mould, mildew, bacteria, viruses and fungus - killing it without killing the environment.
the perfect mOxi set for you
mOxi is a monthly subscription service catered to your needs and creating the perfect ecosystem for your home or office. Additionally, for our inaugural launch of mOxi, we are adding the travel size companion as a complimentary gift for free. This is for a limited time only. Each set will arrive containing four bottles (10ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml) in eco-friendly packaging, hand-packed with care.
Our Mission
We believe hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a powerful alternative
to so many of the chemicals we put into our environment.
We have simply created a hydrogen peroxide spray form
for each room of the house that sits in any eco-friendly ecosystem.

mOXi is contemporary, affordable and easy to use.

We are not pretending to invent anything new,
we are merely making it easier to maximise the benefits of hydrogen peroxide.
The difference is amazing...and it fizzes.
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mOxi Launch Set
for a limited time only get complete set
(plus travel size for free)
25 per month (cancel any time)
more mOxi uses
below are just a few extra ways
to get the most out of your mOxi H2O2
In the Bathroom
Toothbrush: kills bacteria and acts as a teeth whitener also! Mouthwash: kills germs and bad breath by gargling. Body Spray: keep in the shower and spray your body before drying.Facial Cleanser/Freshener: spray on a cotton ball after washing. Deodorant: spray after shower or as needed. Cleaner: for disinfecting counter tops, toilet and shower.
In the Kitchen
Fruit and Vegetable: spray the fruits and vegetables, rinse and dry. Meat Tenderizer and Disinfect Bacteria: spray, rinse and cook. Cleaning: wipe off counter tops and appliances - disinfects and gives the kitchen a fresh smell. In the Dishwasher: add to your regular washing formula and it will not only clean your dishwasher but your glasses will really sparkle.
In the Garden
Growth: boost plant growth and germination, prevent fungas and kills weeds. Sanitize Seeds: avoid foodborne illnesses caused by Salmonella, E. coli, Listeria, etc. Disinfect Equipment: seed trays, compost buckets, tools, bbq, pots, and other containers Insect Repellant, kills harmful pests. Glass: used to prevent mold and mildew from clouding glass panes of greenhouses (and mirrors).

In the Home
Humidifiers/Vaporizers: acts as an air purifier against bacteria and viruses in the home. Laundry: wash in place of bleaches, remove stains (even blood) and watch it foam up! Houseplants: water or mist plants with this solution. Hot Tub: use in place of chlorine. Cleans: rugs, carpet, mattress, kills mites, toys, shower curtains, odours, lunchboxes, eliminate algae from aquariums
In Health & Beauty
First-aid: disinfect small wounds. Hair: bleach or highlight - spray over damp hair, soak in for 10 – 15 min, rinse. Nails: naturally whiten your nails.
Face: as a face rinse to kill the bacteria that cause acne and help clear your complexion. Skin: soak that will naturally soften corns and calluses, funguses, remedy boils. Ears: alleviate swimmers ear, wax, as well as clear up ear infection.
Other Uses
Medical: widely used in medical and laboratory establishments for sterilizing surgical tools and work surfaces because of its broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity. Colds/Sinus: spray to relieve congestion. Baths: cleansing and detoxification (Note: if you do this after 7:00pm, the increased absorbed oxygen may keep you awake!) Pets: treats wounds, use in fish transportation

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kitchen collection

garden collection

Get in touch
For any questions, suggestions or just to say hi,
please send us an e-mail.
"obvious stupid stuff
you don't do with mOXi"
(or any hydrogen peroxide for that matter)
It's always smart to have a disclaimer.
here is ours - plain and simple:

Don't drink the stuff - that is not cool.
If you swallow a little from gargling - that is nothing to worry about.
Spraying or putting it in your eyes - that is very uncool.
Flush your eyes out with water if that happens.
Yes it can clean wounds - but don't go crazy with the stuff.
For some reason if you are allergic to H2O2, then please don't use it.
Any other concerns - just call your local health professional.

We have to say this kind of stuff for legal reasons,
especially for those who may be common sense impaired.
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