The Social Impact Co. is an idea studio and innovation enterprise that designs products, services and solutions which are purpose driven to make a positive impact for individuals, society and environments.

Our Purpose Lab identifies the challenges impacting the world such as: education, the refugee crisis, ethical business, financial imbalance, charity fatigue, climate change, the UN SDGs, and more.

We are a collective of like-minded individuals who 'make stuff that matters'. Currently we have seventeen [sic] purpose projects in our idea studio, below are three of our most recent initiatives:

Jordan Waid
[sic] founder
percepi is an educational app that
unlocks learning and the smartphone.
get smarter
earn screen-time

mOxi spray is organic antibacterial
and antiviral multipurpose solution.
it kills pathogens by oxidation
without killing the environment
U-able connects skilled refugee linguists
with businesses in need of translation.
get the job done
change the world

business platform for refugees
make stuff that matters
we make ideas that make a difference
as a social purpose innovator

we design products, solutions and services
to make life (and the world) just a little bit better
'sic erat scriptum'
'thus it had been written'
how to play your part
be part of the collective
be part of the funding
be part of the future

let us know how you can contribute:
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